The Smart Money’s On Proptech : Creating a Fundraising Strategy with Proptech Lab

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We believe that 2021 will be a year of change and renewal. In 2020, Real estate was forced to embrace innovation, and 2021 will only cement this shift. 

And as Proptech investors well know, the best way to make an impact in the digital transformation of the real estate value chain is to invest. Because when you invest, you have skin in the game, and you go full force to bring added value to your portfolio.

However, before raising capital – or investing -, we encourage startups – and investors – to delve into the nuances of the proptech market. 

That’s why Proptech Lab is launching a new service – designed to help investors invest smart, and startups raise funds with the best investors in 2021. 

How will it work ?

Whether you are a startup looking for funding or an investor wishing to contribute to a project of interest, Proptech Lab wants to partner with you to promote Belgian innovation today and tomorrow.

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It goes hand-in-hand with our long term vision : to be a one-stop shop for everything related to innovation in the real estate landscape, Proptech Lab Founder Idriss Goossens said. 

Our team @ProptechLab provides you with a detailed and personalized market survey. By sharing our expertise with you, you develop in full knowledge of the facts. Our team of experts is knowledgeable, networked and international – providing you with all the tools you need to thrive. 

“At Proptech Lab, we believe it is important to take a hands-on approach, which is why we are now launching a fundraising support service within our Belgian network”.

Of course, we are already offering a matchmaking service with RELEVATION – but it’s a one-time per year event, Goossens explained. Here, our new initiative provides value all year round. Plus, this is a tailor-made, on-demand and personalized service – so that we can support you 100% in your growth efforts.

You’re a new (or not so new) startup raising capital ? Register by clicking on the following button and we’ll come back to you !

We can help startups grow and improve their market visibility in a matter of months. What we’re doing is basically helping you be investor-ready, by establishing a financial plan, fundraising strategy, and defining the ideal type of capital for you (strategic, financial…), Idriss Goossens said. In addition, because we know the selection criteria – what exactly the most active investors are looking for (investment scope, geographical scope, stage of maturity, ticket size…) – we can act as a liaison and direct you to the right investors.

Moreover, investors who typically have no shortage of offers operate primarily by recommendation, and Proptech Lab provides this essential link.

Finally, we also help startups to do due diligence with their investors, and to make sure they become equity partners with the right investors, with the most added value.

Most active vertical proptech VC’s in EU
“We want to be there to help startups focus on their best opportunities for success”.  

Besides, our approach has already proved its worth with several partners. 

Over the last months, we’ve already become trusted confidants for several startups (Ziggu,…), and we’ve helped them develop their blueprint for growth in various areas. Thanks to our support, Ziggu already raised one million euros and another startup we can’t undisclose hundreds of thousands. 

You’re an investor ? You don’t want to miss out good opportunities, and in the same time you’d like to stay away from bad ones ?

Proptech Lab can help ! With our extensive database, we can act as a liaison partner, share our vision of innovation and discuss strategy together.

Investing with real time data makes you a more intelligent investor. If you are looking for investment opportunities in a specific proptech theme, and are looking for dealflow, we can source investment opportunities for you. If you have identified a specific opportunity, but want to deep dive into a competitive due diligence, we are at your disposal ! Write us to gain a more detailed understanding of the Proptech market, as well as valuable knowledge of the investments trends. 

Impact of COVID-19 on the different proptech subthemes

We have noticed that there is a real trend towards strategic investments by corporate investors, says Idriss Goossens, and we believe that this trend will only increase. Proptech Lab thus wants to ride this wave of innovation, by encouraging change and helping to illuminate the path of Belgian real estate towards the future that lies ahead.

In 2021, Proptech Lab offers quality, innovative matchmaking between Belgian corporate and startups. Using our database of 3,123 startups and our in-depth knowledge of the Belgian market, we offer to support you in making these decisions, so that you can ride the wave of open innovation without worry.

Data provided by European PropTech Association ASBL

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Liuba Diederich