Data-Centric Match-Makings, to speed up the Digital & Environmental Transformation of our Sector

Data driven matchmaking

Software companies understand product development is a never-ending-story: they constantly add new features, track usage, and iterate on the product. 

As an ecosystem, our ambition has always been to create a positive impact on the digital and sustainable transformation of the construction & real estate value-chain. 

Like any startup, since our inception, we pivoted several times, finding our product/market-fit. We had to make many strategic decisions – that were bullet-proofed by our Beloved Advisory Board – including going for a high volume of members VS exclusivity of members, service VS product…

Today, we are convinced that we should do more than just events if we want to stay relevant to our sector and remain aligned to its rising maturity (startups grow and corporate have a higher innovation maturity each year). We will continue our core business (events, content & value added serviced), but it’s now time to have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with our members. 

We will start capturing more data from startups and corporates, allowing us to produce reports for the benefit of our members, but also to increase the intensity and the efficiency of our match-makings!

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