Rental management platform RoomMate to launch new solution for scattered vacancies

Rental Management Platform RoomMate to Launch their Channel Manager – a new tool to help landlords manage their vacancies scattered all over the web (Image Credits: RoomMate)

RoomMate COO Philip Grother discusses their new project, the channel manager, which will enable landlords and property managers to advertise their vacancies on multiple listing platforms directly from their property management software.

  • The rental management startup’s currently raising funds to further develop its platform and hopes to raise €1.2 million by August. 
  • Last year, the Fit4Start graduate raised €475,000, which enables them to provide customer-centric solutions for tenants and landlords everywhere. 
  • RoomMate has an application for tenants with over 20,000 active users, and a SaaS platform for landlords with over 2000 rentable units under management, and over 4000 in the pipeline.

RoomMate COO Philip Grother (Image credits: RoomMate)

Key Takeaways :

RoomMate’s Goal:
Digitizing the Property Management value chain for medium to long-term rentals for landlords, property managers and tenants.

What it is : 
An online dashboard for landlords, with which they can manage rents, maintenance, lease agreements and communicate with their tenants.
A mobile app for tenants, for a harmonious cohabitation of all members

Their new project:
The channel manager innovation. With a single click, landlords and property managers will be able to advertise on multiple listing platforms at once. 



With its collaborative platform, RoomMate dreams of connecting tenants, landlords and service providers together within a single ecosystem

As the name suggests, RoomMate started out as an app for tenants, a useful tool that enabled tech-savvy roommates to live harmoniously.

But when COO Philip Grother met the founders during the 2019 Fit4Start program, the startup pivoted from its original solution to a comprehensive one, which also targets property owners and managers.

RoomMate’s bringing tenants and landlords together within the same ecosystem (Image credits: RoomMate)

Now, the rental management platform helps landlords manage their entire real estate portfolio, throughout the lease life cycle.

“RoomMate is already bringing tenants and landlords together within the same ecosystem.”

On RoomMate’s personalized app, Spaces, tenants can divide household chores, pay rent, split utility bills, communicate and exchange all the necessary documents.

And landlords can use the Estelle platform to manage all aspects of their rentals. They can interact with tenants, manage maintenance issues, create digital leases or collect rents, among many practical services.

RoomMate’s app features (Image credits: RoomMate)

The RoomMate ecosystem thus aims to offer a global solution, which allows them to meet the needs and necessities of all the stakeholders in the rental world.

The corona impact

Needless to say, the corona pandemic has accelerated the trend of digital transformation within the industry.

“We were in the right place at the right time” explained Philip Grother. “The proptech market has reached a stage of maturity that shows us every day it’s ready for the adoption of digital tools.”

The channel manager

RoomMate is now adding another string to its bow with the channel manager, a new tool designed to help landlords increase occupancy rates quickly and efficiently. 

How? Right now, landlords have to advertise on various platforms and manage them all manually, which is time-consuming and quite annoying. The channel manager changes that by centralizing all listings on a single platform. 

Going forward, the startup would like to see the channel manager both integrated into a store and have it as a stand-alone platform that professionals can use freely.

The startup plans to offer a wider range of tools to manage all rental properties easily

When I asked Grother what sets them apart from the competition, he replied it’s first and foremost their connection to their users, both tenants and landlords. “We listen to them so that we can understand what they need because we have their interests at heart. Above all, our mission’s to develop a collaborative platform supporting communication and interactions between all stakeholders.”

The company’s headquarters are located in Luxembourg (Image credits: RoomMate).

“We want to establish RoomMate as the single destination for managing rentals.”

Prospect-wise, they’re hoping to raise €1.2 million by August 2021 to further develop their vision of the ecosystem. 

On an additional note, the startup’s looking to hire new talent. If you have a tech profile and are interested, send an email to: 

Liuba Diederich