PropTech Lab: Product Expansion, Geographical Expansion and A New CEO

As we look back at the past 12 months, our PropTech Lab ecosystem has really accelerated its growth on the startup’s side and innovation-transformation on the corporate side. To name a few, the PropTech Lab’s ecosystem has almost doubled in size, reaching more than 202 registered company members, representing an access of 650 individual members with an average of 10% growth per month and 90% Renewal rate. More so, together we achieved 8 missions, organized 18 events, and gathered 1100 people. We also became a product company by launching our online member space that allows our members to directly connect, network and interact with each other, as well as, ask for tenders and read the latest news.

Internally, we have also grown in size. We now have 7 FTEs and have expanded our PropTech network. In addition to that, our founder has also launched in the past years, 3 different new ventures, the European PropTech Association (with Dirk Paelinck), (in partnership with CREtech), and Recap (in joint-venture with Revive). Hence, PropTech Lab is honored to present Noemie de Crombrugghe as our new Chief Executive Office and Idriss Goossens our Executive Chairman. Noemie’s vision has always been the same. Having been committed to adding value to the members and a positive impact on the society, Noemie has always expressed that building ecosystems are essential to fuel the growth of the economy and consolidate a technology-enabled sector. Ecosystems are also essential as they help define the sector’s standards, increase its efficiency, speed-up the intensity of the interactions between stakeholders, increase the number of transactions and scale its growth.

Therefore, our new CEO, Noemie, said: “I am grateful and honored for the trust and confidence Idriss and the PropTech Lab team have put in me. Thanks to our strong team, moving forward, 2022 is going to be massive! During our annual end-of-year meeting with our members, PropTech Lab presented its plans to develop its product expansion, geographical growth as well as its company extensions.Together we will grow our ecosystem further, create a highly-valuable network of knowledge-sharing and innovation-inspiring environment”.

Nicolas Hawa
Nicolas HAWA
Project Manager