Proptech Lab Launches New Acceleration Program

PropTech Lab is launching a new acceleration service, dedicated to helping startups grow internationally.  Founder Idriss Goossens presents the program below.   

What can you tell us about this new acceleration program ?

↘ Why did you launch it ? We want to help startups to develop internationally. We have looked at the situation and found that there is currently a strong market demand.

↘ Why now ? We are now in the consolidation phase of the market. Startups have a more secure position than a few years ago, and, with higher turnover, they are looking to expand. We can help them on this path.

↘ Why you ? We can help them overcome the challenges of internationalization. The European market is still very much divided (various languages, uses and standards,…), so for startups, it can be difficult to expand.

It is even more the case in the real estate sector, because it works mainly through contacts, by network : everyone knows each other. So if you don’t have any contacts in the sector, it is quite difficult to grow there.

But that is where we come in : we can introduce startups to useful contacts, register them for conferences and events, provide them with a customer database …

” We offer a practical and in-depth acceleration funnel that will support startups in their development in international markets.”

How will it work ? 

It’s a very simple model : we offer a 3-month mandate to a maximum of 3 startups at a time. Afterwards, we divide our work process into several stages :

  1. preliminary research : which markets are the most suitable and why ?→selection of 1 to 3 markets
  2. we establish a competitive expansion strategy (how can we ensure that our expansion strategy is as competitive as possible ?) →concrete action plan
  3. with the help of our Proptech House network, we create a database of customers and contacts. 
  4. and finally, we register the startup for a series of events (conferences, fairs, interviews, meetings, etc.)

As you can see, we offer a very hands-on approach, which is currently lacking in the field. 

What are the requirements to participate ? 

They must meet 3 criteria : 

  1. maturity level of the startup 
  2. minimum turnover of €250,000 
  3. must be a member of Proptech Lab

How much does it cost to join the program ? 

We ask  for a retainer fee of €3,000 for the acceleration funnel. This amount can be divided into 1000 euros/month.

In addition, we take a commission on the generated value, which depends on the startup. However, we are very flexible. If the startup isn’t satisfied with the program, it can stop at any time, at no additional cost.

What are the points that set you apart from your competitors ?

We have put in place a concrete program, where we really work hands-on to ensure the expansion of our customers.

In this respect, we stand out from other consulting services that are mainly theoretical.

Moreover, we are launching this program at the request of the market. What we are offering doesn’t exist at the moment, and there is a real need.

And finally, we are at a decisive moment, when the market must consolidate and develop. So if we want to stay relevant, we have to act on that vision.

Thank you. To conclude, could you tell us who are the participants of the first cohort ? 

We are thrilled to work with Ziggu, JuuNoo and 

[Click on the names above to learn more about the 3 startups.]

Liuba Diederich