Here’s what you missed at Realty’s Lab of PropTech

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After a year of restrictions, lockdowns, business halts, online conferences and work-from-home hours, Belgium’s largest real estate summit opened its doors to our industry’s leaders, change-makers, and innovators. On the 21st and 22nd of September over 1,800 attendees visited Realty at Gare Maritime in Brussels to connect, network, inspire, introduce and discuss essential technology-enabled innovations that will transform the way we live and work.

Because at PropTechLab we understand that the built world is in a rapid digital transformation phase, we continuously try to grow our community of innovators, investors, and change-makers, in order to help facilitate and foster innovation in property, real estate, and construction technologies. Therefore, it was crucial to creating the Lab of PropTech, at Realty 2021, in order to help introduce Belgium’s innovative startups and scaleups to the market. 

We thank all of our 205+ startups, scale-up, investors, and corporate members for being part of this forever growing and eye for the future community. 

Special thanks to our Realty Partners: Lammp, IKOAB, GenieVision, EccoNova, Unlatch, Rentaga, Urbest, Ziggu, PriceHubble, PlanRadar, Neanex, Smartvatten, DeltaQ, Smovin, Chainels, WaveThru, Trinergy, Breezo, Scanbie, BubbleKeys, GBuilder, BePark, Commuty, CooperLink.

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Lammp presented by Melina Gorrebeeck (Social and Well-being expert, Lammp) & Sarah Desmet (Social Value Expert, Lammp).

Also, below is what you missed from our Lab of PropTech innovators:

“Lammp is an acronym for Life and Asset Management using PropTech. Our core business is to create a smart and sustainable real estate. We not only put the end-user, stakeholders, and the whole community central. We want people to feel good in the environment they live or work in”.

 “A recent survey at Antwerp Management School showed that 25% of the people do not feel the connection with their colleagues and 28% of the people do not feel the connection with their employer. That is a huge problem and if you want your people to stay with you, you need to …”.

IKOAB presented by Fabianne Kaspers (COO, IKOAB).

“Ikoab is a company specialized in co-living. We respond to new emerging market demand from the new generations that corresponds to a new philosophy of life. Co-living is a space in which several people have decided to live, to share common spaces but also to share a philosophy of life, a way of living together in a family atmosphere..”

GBuilder presented by Harri Majala (CEO & Founder, GBuilder) and Davy Demuynck (CEO, ION).

 “We need to break the silos of different phases. Property developers, architects, contractors, and investors can have a lot of efficiency wins with the use of technology. Also, I am convinced that FinTech 15 years ago is what PropTech is right now”. 

“There are software programs that can be tailored to a specific company’s needs in order to complete paperwork, while the highly educated people can add value to the company. This is why we believe in proptech solutions like GBuilder”.

Rentaga presented by Jacques Valckenaere (Co-founder, Rentaga).

“We have found a solution to renting construction machinery. We are the online digital booking platform for on-time machine renting. Our customers can search, select, order, and have the machine delivered to the site with only out of clicks”.

PlanRadar presented by Matthieu Walckenaer (Country manager France & Benelux, PlanRadar).

“Our value proposition is to maximize asset performance to all customers. In order to drive efficiency throughout the entire building ecosystem, we need to create a digital twin, an exact soft copy replica to any owned asset”. 

“We have over 14,000 users, from 55 different countries. While also, our Product helps users save 7 hours of work per week. Companies have an ROI of > 900%”

Neanex presented by Josefien Vanhuyse (CCO, Neanex), Antoine Mathieu (Senior Project Manager, Elia Grid Internation -) & Stijn Bogaerts (E-health & smart business Generator, Proximus), Bart Gentens (Senior Manager for New and Improved client solutions, Besix).

Antoine: “In the ecosystem, we all have the same challenge which is climate change! Smart buildings are the energy hubs for tomorrow”. 

Stijn: “Connectivity is crucial to connect all the information and services for the full ecosystem and the users of the building but lowering down the energy consumption yet provide additional comfort and better experience to our end-users”. 

Bart: “Legislations and governmental requirements are changing as well as the Green New Deal. These changes impose some challenges but also some opportunities. Efficient operations, interaction with the end-user, and energy flexibility are three aspects of buildings of the future. Yet we cannot achieve these features without going digital”

Ziggu presented by Jens Thirion (Advisor team manager, Triple Living).

“The apartments need to fit their surroundings, need to be able to stand on their own, and need to be connected to their outdoor environment. Therefore, we need digital platforms to transfer these documents to our clients. Ziggu was able to offer us a platform that, in addition to sharing information, also provides a tool to monitor our processes.

Nicolas Hawa
Nicolas HAWA
Project Manager